365 days until serialization officially starts in EU

From today on, it's only 365 days until the EU regulation 2016/161 has to be implemented. Its core feature is that from Februar 9, 2019, nearly all prescription medicines have to be labeled with a [...]

Russia postpones serialization to 2020

A new law by the Russian government postpones the start of the serialization obligation from January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2020. This delay allows the pharma industry more time to implement the legal requirements. [...]



Big Data

Import and processing of large amounts of data in real time


Event log

BizSteps and scheduling in accordance with EPCIS standard (What / When / Where / Who)



Representation and processing of product and packaging hierarchies


User and role concept

Secure read/write permissions assignment, e.g. for the integration of production partners



Integration of existing serialisation or generation of random serial numbers, e.g. GTIN-based


Mobile interface

Freely configurable types of web service and mobile apps


Software as a Service architecture

Full integration across the entire value chain including suppliers and customers



Code validation and status interrogation


Standard interfaces

For easy connection to existing systems (e.g. ERP)

Our company: tracekey GmbH

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Big Data — the increasing digitalisation of our society presents authorities and industry alike with challenges.

tracekey solutions GmbH develops and operates industry-specific Track&Trace solutions, cost-effectively providing companies with the benefits of tomorrow’s digitalised value chain today.

We thus create added value and overcome limitations.

Our underlying system is used world-wide by our partner Giesecke & Devrient for the digital tracking of tax labels. We are thus leveraging a powerful system that we adapt to specific industry requirements.

The efficiency of our solutions is the result of intensive collaboration with industry specialists, users, and technology partners. We are continuously expanding our network of capabilities with a focus on solutions. We develop and operate process-centric solutions that meet individual requirements while fulfilling all compliance requirements and create additional value for our customers.

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