10 Steps to Start Your Serialization Journey

Do you need a new and suitable and experienced pharma serialization provider? Changes in your serialization journey require a lot of time and a good action plan. Especially the beginning is often difficult in this process. Therefore, always remember to start planning early and go through our checklist “10 steps to start your serialization journey” one by one.

You need help to comply with EU Falsified Medicines Directive, Russian Serialization Regulation, the US DSCSA, or any other serialization regulation?

Serialization Project Checklist

  1. Choose a project manager for your pharma serialization journey.
  2. Make sure you are familiar with the pharma serialization regulation.
  3. Define your demands.
  4. Develop a master plan.
  5. Structure your data and keep it up to date.
  6. Contact your business partners like logisticians, and contract manufacturers.
  7. Find a pharma serialization solution partner who fits your demands.
  8. Define an onboarding plan with your solution partner.
  9. Involve your business partners in the process if necessary.
  10. Keep in mind that pharma serialization will be a never-ending project.

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