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tracekey community cloud plus connected world

What the Big Ones Can Learn from Us Our corporate strategy is based on three pillars. The consistent operation of our solutions in the cloud, a modern and flexible software architecture, and agile organizational and development processes. As a full-service solution, we offer our customers from the SME segment what they need. A sustainable, future-proof, […]

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tracekey as an agile company

Since 2013 we work in agil teams.

How Scrum and Co. help us to use our resources effectively Global compliance is essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, companies need serialization providers, whose offer cover all requirements on a global level, to implement the numerous regulations. As an agile company, tracekey can ensure this offer with significantly fewer resources as many larger software […]

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Cloud Technology: The Advantages of SaaS

We´re using a cloud plus SaaS solution for pharma serialization at tracekey solutions

Cloud technology is used mostly for digital services and software. Especially where the IT infrastructure must always be available, accessible, and in all places. In the meantime, using a cloud has become part of everyday life for many people, whether privately or as part of their work. SaaS applications are particularly relevant in the B2B […]

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Global Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Global Compliance in der Pharmaindustrie mit tracekey

Counterfeit medicines have long been a topic with global implications, which countries are countering with legal regulations, among other things. Raw materials coming from China or India, there are subsidiaries in Europe and the USA, and the drugs are distributed worldwide. Due to the global networking of the pharmaceutical industry, internationally active companies must comply […]

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WBDL: How Does mytracekey HospitalDirect Differ from Other Solutions?

WBDL: Was macht HospitalDirect besser?

Consolidated shipment data can be implemented in different ways. This is partly since there are no comprehensive standardsthat providers have to comply with. How does the cloud platform mytracekey HospitalDirect differ from other possible solutions for offering digital data delivery? There are different approaches for the offer of consolidated shipment data (German: WBDL). In general, […]

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WBDL – what does that actually mean?

WBDL was ist das eigentlich?

Hospital pharmacies are frequented quite differently from public pharmacies. In hospital pharmacies, large quantities of Rx drugs are delivered and distributed in the hospital every day – all the drugs that are needed in daily hospital life. In connection with the requirements of the European Counterfeiting Directive (EU-FMD), this means that a large number of […]

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Crisis: Why you are simply better off with a CS Team

Customer Success Team tracekey solutions

The Corona crisis currently means working from home for many of us. This does not necessarily make working as a team any easier. You are stuck in online meetings with your own team, you have to share your WiFi with your 15-year-old, and the cat is always sitting on the keyboard. Working with external service […]

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10 Steps to Start Your Serialization Journey

Do you need a new and suitable pharma serialization provider? Changes in your serialization journey or process require a lot of time and a good plan. Especially in the beginning, it could be hard. Therefore, always remember to start planning early and go step by step. You need help to comply with EU Falsified Medicines […]

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Whitepaper: Digital Twins in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, Digital Twins are being used to combat product counterfeiting. They not only offer added value for the industry but also ensure greater patient safety. In this white paper we answer the questions about how exactly Digital Twins are used in the pharmaceutical industry and what we have learned from the implementation […]

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After Serialization: What Does Pharma 4.0 Mean?

Analyzing, automating, data integrity, patient centricity, data mining, process optimization – Pharma 4.0 is versatile. But what is meant by this and why does digitalization still have room for improvement in the pharmaceutical industry?  Pharma 4.0 is part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The term describes the part of the IoT that affects the […]

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