EMVO Calls for Onboarding

Five months before the EU Regulation 2016/161 becomes effective, EMVO (European Medicine Verification Organization) calls for the onboarding process to start immediately.

A recent press release requests manufacturers and parallel importers of the pharmaceutical industry to start their onboarding process as soon as possible. The process consists of a contractual and a technical part. The complete onboarding of a pharmaceutical company to the EMVS (European Medicine Verification System) may take up to 6 months, according to EMVO estimates.

At the same time, the EMVS will receive further updates. At the end of August, EMVO upgraded the EU-Hub to version 1.4. The changes introduced are currently being implemented by the national blueprint and gateway providers. According to EMVO, further updates could be possible in 2018.

As EMVO calls for the onboarding process to start, information on the process can be found in the EMVO FAQs: https://emvo-medicines.eu/knowledge-database/

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