Business Process Outsourcing – Our Flexible Range of Services

Do you want to outsource your serialization management, have your business partners managed externally or set up your alert management properly? On this page you can find out all about your options with tracekey.

Business Process Outsourcing for tracekey Customers

Pharmaceutical companies, whether SMEs or large corporations, are responsible for numerous tasks in addition to their core business. Not least because of the amount and complexity of global regulations, SMEs face serious challenges. Whether it is the additional requirements of the EU-FMD, increasing demand for active alert management, or the shortage of qualified personnel. Companies usually lack the capacity for comprehensive, yet necessary, serialization and business partner management. However, it is particularly important in regard to meeting complex compliance requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the magic word. Outsourcing (parts of) processes allows employees to focus on their core tasks again. With BPO, crucial processes, such as serialization management, are placed in the experienced hands of our employees. It helps to reduce the workload in your company to a minimum. When taking advantage of our mytracekey TKSM service (tracekey Serialization Manager), we tailor it to your specific requirements.

How our customers benefit from mytracekey TKSM:

    Our business process outsourcing is the plus for your quality and risk management.
  • Flexible: Business Process Outsourcing can be adapted flexibly to your needs
  • Plannable: Optimal planning capability even in the event of staff shortage
  • Experienced: Years of experience in meeting regulatory requirements
  • Seamless: Serialization software and management from one single source

Everything From one Single Source

Our offer is perfect for small and medium-sized companies – flexibly adaptable and with a great price-performance ratio. Our customers get everything from a single source: Their serialization software (mytracekey PHARMA as SaaS) and serialization management. We also provide support with established processes and concentrated knowledge when communicating and working with business partners.

Outsourcing Business Partner Management: Long-Term Support

Serialization means that MAHs and CMOs are in constant communication with each other. Regardless of whether there is a bottleneck in production, planned deliveries, or new markets are being entered: There is always something to discuss. As a tracekey customer, you can outsource these processes to our experts with Business Partner Management. In this way, we relieve you of the additional burden exactly when it matters. We take responsibility for managing the CMOs as your partner. Subsequently, you have certainty that everything will run smoothly during the next production phase.

mytracekey Alerts

By taking advantage of our expertise, you can finally tackle the issue of alert management. We take over the entire process and provide you with regular updates on the current status. You will be able to meet the requirements of the EU-FMD in the future without having to familiarize yourself with the alert management system and keep personnel capacities available. If alert management is an issue for you, you can find all the information about our service on our mytracekey ALERTS page.