Our EMVO Alert Management Service

Pharma Alert Management: The Initial Situation

Under the EU FMD, pharmaceutical companies face up to several 100-1000 alerts daily, which means error messages in securPharm or other national systems (NMVS). For each alert, manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry must analyze the notifications and evaluate the cause. It takes a lot of time to investigate the data on a daily basis, which the EMVO and the NMVS provide to pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, we have developed an EU-FMD Alert Management Service that takes the work off our customers.

Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the entire product life cycle of a drug. Therefore, processing EU FMD Alerts is not optional but a crucial part of the serialization process.

  • Alert management is a typical part of a GMP audit
  • Companies are responsible if the product is indeed a counterfeit
  • Part of EU FMD compliance

Your Benefits

  • Full Service: We take over the complete analysis and evaluation of the alerts
  • Detailed tracking of the cause of the alert
  • Clear preparation of the analysis
  • Recurring causes of errors are detected
  • Through our work with the alerts, we already know many error variants that may be new to customers and can, therefore, process them faster and more efficient
Pharma companies have to deal with a lot of Alerts on a daily basis. Our Alert Management Service: Analysis + Reporting

Fast and Efficient Processing of EMVO Alerts

  • Any packaging that triggers an alert cannot be sold.
  • This medicine or an entire batch may need to be recalled.
  • Customer complaints may arise.
  • The period for reporting must be respected.

Our Solution For The Pharmaceutical Industry

As a leading Level 4/5 provider, we also offer a cloud-based service for serialization requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Our solution, mytracekey PHARMA, supports you in achieving global compliance and implementing regulatory directives effortlessly.

If you have any questions or are interested in our solutions, mytracekey PHARMA and mytracekey Alerts, feel free to contact us.

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