Worldwide, the complexity of serialization requirements is increasing

With our L3 solution, you are prepared

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously digitalizing and automating its processes. Until now, it was not always necessary to invest in a Level 3 system due to current regulatory requirements (EU, USA). Given the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical companies worldwide, such as aggregation, crypto coding, or inbound track & trace distribution, a lack of a Level 3 system in the automated production landscape is becoming a permanent challenge for many companies. It’s time to change that.

With our partners we enable you

  • to centrally control several production lines
  • to connect with Level 2 systems without L4 interface
  • to easily implement different coding regulations
  • to get global compliance: EU, USA, Russia etc.

Benefit from our partner network

To make the integration of a Level 3 system easier for you, we have teamed up with suitable partner companies from our network. Our offer includes a coordinated solution with standard connectors to all common production lines and integration to tracekey. In this way, we simplify the subsequent implementation of a Level 3 system for you during operation and make the process risk-free. Together with our partners, we will be happy to put together an offer package that fits your needs.