What are the benefits of serialization?

Benefits of serialization

The primary objective of serialization is to protect patients. This is enabled by processes and control mechanisms that ensure that only original and manufacturer-approved drugs reach pharmacies and hospitals. But what are the benefits of serialization in pharma? In this article we show you how serialization improves sustainability, trust and safety.

Sustainable changes in almost all areas

Manufacturers, contract manufacturers, wholesalers, repackagers, parallel importers – or in other words: the entire pharmaceutical industry need to invest in infrastructure, personnel and process adjustment. Process workshops take place against the background of serialization, tasks and responsibilities between departments are redefined. Serialization forces companies to digitize and create a new way of collaboration.

Secondary and perspective added values

Serialization can be seen as a burden or an opportunity. Some companies use the favor of the hour to optimize old processes and established procedures to make them more efficient. The modernization of the infrastructure as well as the increased transparency in production, can open possibilities for medium-term advantages.

Serialization creates the basis for added value and direct communication between manufacturer and patient. Consulting and service offerings come to the fore. “Value-added services” can further expand the relationship between manufacturers and patients. To do this, the value-added services

  • offer comprehensible benefit for the patient
  • promote patient dialogue
  • provide additional transparency
  • understand customers and develop tailored offers

Additional offers are created through the combination of different technologies. In this way, the now serialized and clearly identifiable drugs can be enriched with additional information, for example with temperature loggers in logistics. The long-term benefits of serialization will be strongly defined by those who know how to use it.

Product Recalls

One of the Crucial benefits for serialization in the pharma industry is the improvement of product recalls. Even in an industry as highyl regulated as the pharmaceutical, product recalls are not extraordinary. In the case of such an event, the serialization enables everyone working on the supply chain to act quickly, and carry out the product recall in a timely manner. This is another aspect that helps to ensure the patients safety.


This information is only one possible interpretation of the regulations. They are also in a constant state of change, so the information in this article may be incomplete or out of date. The above article is expressly no legal advice. Please refer to the official documents for information before making any business decisions. (Status of information: May 2023)

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