We are part of the “Besser miteinander!” campaign against discrimination

tracekey besser miteinander Kampagne, Bochum

Our two managing directors Stefan Hoffmann and Gerald Wenzel have signed the charter of the Bochum campaign “Besser miteinander!” (Better together!). In doing so, tracekey solutions is actively taking a stand against discrimination in the workplace.

On 24.05.2024, tracekey signed the charter “Besser miteinander! Bochum employers against discrimination in the workplace”. The campaign was initiated in 2023. Additionally, to municipal companies and Bochum’s universities, several private-sector companies have now also signed the charter. More than 20,000 employees in Bochum are employed by companies that have committed to the values of the General Equal Treatment Act and beyond through the charter. Stefan Hoffmann, Managing Director of tracekey solutions: “We were looking for something where we could get involved locally. It is important to demonstrate that diversity benefits companies, and we are taking a clear stance on this. That’s why the “Besser miteinander!” campaign with its network in Bochum suits us very well.”

Promoting appreciation of diversity in Bochum companies

Sylvia Prenzel, Department for Equality, Family and Inclusion: “People should feel welcome, safe, and valued in their workplace. Especially, but of course not only, given the labor shortage in Germany.” The city of Bochum signed the Diversity Charter many years ago. “However, we wanted something local that would appeal to local companies and also lead to joint work on the topic,” explains Sylvia Prenzel. Together with the desire to raise awareness of issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace and to combat discrimination against employees, the Department for Equality, Family, and Inclusion of the City of Bochum initiated the “Besser miteinander!” campaign together with Bogestra.

The charter and the associated network primarily serve as an anchor point for the various stakeholders. They should exchange ideas, make best practices available, and hold joint workshops for employees. Thus, we promote the implementation of diversity work in the companies.

Why is the topic so important for tracekey

Tracekey is a global company. Around 40% of its turnover is generated outside Germany. Internationality and openness are, therefore, not only an important factor for us as a company on a social level but also essential from an economic perspective. Gerald Wenzel, Managing Director of tracekey solutions: “We actively focus on the different realities of life. Everyone should be able to play a full part and feel welcome. That’s why we make sure that we create the best possible conditions for our employees, for example, through remote work, flexible working hours, and family-friendly scheduled meetings, so that they can balance care and work.”

Due to the current political and social situation, tracekey has decided to increasingly communicate the values we live by within the company to the outside world. This enables us to continue working on issues such as inclusion and non-discrimination.

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