Customer Satisfaction Survey for the Year 2023/24

Customer Satisfaction 2023/24, Kundenzufriedenheit 2023/24

In our tenth anniversary year of 2023, we consistently received positive feedback from our customers, both long-standing and new. They rated us an average of 4.9 out of 5 for satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending our services. Our customer support also received high praise.

“Your solution-oriented work is top.”

“On a human level, it just fits.”

“You can always contact tracekey, and you respond quickly.”

Customer Highlights from 2023/2024:

Throughout the year, we had numerous successful onboardings, dealt with daily serialization activities, and provided helpful software updates. Some noteworthy events from our customer interactions include:

– AMS Industry Insights webinar

– Integration of Russia as a new market

– Praise for the user-friendliness of mytracekey PHARMA

AMS Industry Insights webinar

We frequently engage in direct communication with our customers on various topics, and one of the highlights in early 2024 was our online customer event focusing on alerts. The event included a retrospective on the early stages of serialization and alerts in 2019, as well as providing regulatory insights and tips on effectively utilizing the EMVO Alert Portal (EAMS).

New markets: Russia’s integration

Our customers often face the ongoing challenge of integrating new markets into their processes while adhering to all regulatory requirements. One of our customers was particularly pleased that we not only had a workable solution for their entry into the Russian market but also provided them with relevant information on the regulatory requirements.

User-friendliness of mytracekey PHARMA

Our software’s clear and logical design has impressed our new and long-standing customers. They appreciate the simple processes and workflows, making our platform easy to use. Our regular customer newsletter explains common or new workflows in a step-by-step manner. Customers find it very helpful, with one saying, “The newsletter is a beneficial addition to the releases.”

Customers value the ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously, known as bulk reporting. Recent software improvements have been widely praised for resulting in even more time savings.

Expectations for 2024/25:

Following the success of our AMS Industry Insights webinar, some customers are interested in revising their alert management processes. Additionally, some of them are preparing for the implementation of EU-FMD in Italy, Greece, and Switzerland. We’re happy to assist our new customers with this and other topics.

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