Pilot phase of our new product: HX Secur – Data delivery for hospitals made easy

Several weeks have already passed since the FMD came into force. The implementation of the directive poses a major challenge, especially for hospital pharmacies. Nevertheless, a practicable solution has not yet been found. Logistics experts and manufacturers have recently been asked to offer special hospital deliveries. Now tracekey provides them a solution – HX Secur – which reduces the additional effort of this data delivery for all parties involved.

HX Secur is our answer to the question: How can all participants benefit from special data deliveries for hospitals? After all, the implementation of FMD presents hospitals with a major logistical and personnel challenge. Depending on the size of the hospital, more than 1,000 packages must be scanned every day. Politicians have largely left them alone with this problem. Until the deadline, neither a compromise was negotiated, nor an industry-specific solution offered. One possibility to reduce the effort is to deliver consolidated shipment data to hospitals. In the course of this, the data contained in the delivery are made available in electronic form. This makes time-consuming scans of all packages unnecessary.

Pilot phase already started

With HX Secur, we have created an opportunity for manufacturers to easily provide their own data and for logisticians to use tracekey solutions to offer additional services. Our demand for the solution: The serial number transport is considerably simplified by HX Secur and generates added value on all sides.

The plus

– Subsequent aggregation setup during delivery order picking

– Data is delivered to connected hospitals or other recipients in the appropriate format and via the appropriate transmission path

– HX Secur already includes the familiar tracekey service package

– Structured pricing model for our customers

– HX Secur is also offered as a stand-alone system.

“It was important to find a practicable and industry-specific solution for hospital supply as soon as the FMD came into effect,” explains Stefan Hoffmann (CEO), “we have now succeeded in doing this with HX Secur.”

HX Secur – solution according to tracekey standards

HX Secur enables logisticians and MAH to offer consolidated shipment data for hospitals as an additional service. Our solution makes serial number transport as easy as possible and reduces the effort to a minimum. Stefan Hoffmann: “With this solution we stick to the proven tracekey standards: Serialization easy, fast, and simple.”

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