Success Story – tracekey

Success Story - tracekey

In the third quarter of last year, several customers approached us with plans to offer their products to new target markets. The target markets were Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – countries where serialization was about to become mandatory soon. To achieve our customer’s compliance for these markets, tracekey got to work.

At the time of our customer’s inquiries, there were no connectors to competent authorities developed yet for the four countries. However, the deadlines for compliance were not so far in the future. Accordingly, our development team had to implement these four connectors in our software solution mytracekey PHARMA within a relatively short period. Simultaneously, it was also important not to neglect our daily business.

Four markets

Beginning with planning and a pilot project in 2015, serialization was gradually introduced in Kazakhstan and became fully obligatory in August 2022. For Uzbekistan, the decree for serialization of medicines has been effective since September 2022, and aggregation from May 2023 on. In Bahrain, aggregation became mandatory on May 01, 2022, and the scan of medicines at the time of dispensing, on June 01, 2022. The United Arab Emirates established a Track & Trace system with Tatmeen. It requires aggregation and serial number reporting since January 01, 2023.

All customers aspired to launch their products on January 01, 2023, for the different countries. Choosing a later date helps to circumvent initial difficulties that often accompany the introduction of complex systems such as serialization. As a result, the development team achieved compliance of our customers in the shortest possible time. Only in the case of the United Arab Emirates, there were some obstacles on the development side of the Tatmeen, but these, fortunately, did not affect production.

In only Three months

The requirements of four different markets naturally have contrasting complexities, specifications, and designs. Each market must be evaluated, researched, and assessed before the respective connections can be programmed. Even more impressive is the fact that all target markets were developed within three months. Our customers have thus already achieved regulatory compliance before the deadlines. Besides the great work of the development team, this goal could be achieved with the help of our agile project management. Agile work creates a high level of flexibility and efficiency, allowing quick results. In this process, small teams work in clearly defined periods, on goals set with one another. Subsequently, hierarchical structures with long decision chains can be bypassed and more targeted communication emerges. Ultimately, this effectiveness has enabled us to meet our customers’ needs.

Shared success

We are very proud of this reliability. In the Success Story – tracekey, we see our customers as partners and measure our success by theirs. Especially as a Software as a Service provider, we want to offer clients a high level of flexibility and scalability. With our solution, we can create plenty of room for economic growth.

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