WBDL – what does that actually mean?

WBDL was ist das eigentlich?

Hospital pharmacies are frequented quite differently from public pharmacies. In hospital pharmacies, large quantities of Rx drugs are delivered and distributed in the hospital every day – all the drugs that are needed in daily hospital life. In connection with the requirements of the European Counterfeiting Directive (EU-FMD), this means that a large number of drugs have to be scanned and verified every day, a lot more than in a public pharmacy. The implementation of the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) therefore poses a challenge for hospital pharmacies.

Clinical pharmacies, unlike public pharmacies, are largely supplied directly by the manufacturers. Important medicines usually arrive here on pallets. At present, every single prescription drug pack must be scanned – at least once when the goods are delivered, and a second time when they are handed over to the clinic. The German Hospital Association, therefore, recommended that its members reach an agreement with manufacturers and logistics companies on the supply of consolidated shipment data (German: WBDL) as early as January 2019.

What is meant by the digital delivery of data?

The WBDL is a kind of digital delivery note that contains all the data that the delivery must include according to the FMD standard. This digital data delivery is sent in parallel to the actual delivery. As this is a digital image of a real existing object, it can also be called the digital twin of the medicine packaging in this case. Both are delivered by the manufacturer to the hospital pharmacy.

What is the advantage of the consolidated shipment data?

In contrast to the manual check-out/verification of the individual packages, a complete delivery can be checked and verified in one step.

Are these digital data deliveries secure?

Due to the direct delivery from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to the hospital pharmacy, the digital transfer of consolidated shipment data is also very secure. The hospital pharmacies are also obliged to take randomized and statistically relevant samples from the respective deliveries. If the drugs are delivered via wholesalers or intermediaries, the WBDL is not a permitted procedure.

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