WBDL: How Does mytracekey HospitalDirect Differ from Other Solutions?

WBDL: Was macht HospitalDirect besser?

Consolidated shipment data can be implemented in different ways. This is partly since there are no comprehensive standardsthat providers have to comply with. How does the cloud platform mytracekey HospitalDirect differ from other possible solutions for offering digital data delivery? There are different approaches for the offer of consolidated shipment data (German: WBDL). In general, […]

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Update: Serialization in Russia

Since 1st July 2020, Russian Federal Law No. 425-FZ (Decree No. 1556) must be officially implemented by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Shortly before the deadline, the pharmaceutical industry tried to obtain a postponement. The new legislation, which will gradually be extended to include clothing, tobacco, and perfume, among others, is intended to prevent counterfeit medicines and black-market […]

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WBDL – What is the status?

WBDL sind Wettbewerbsvorteil bei den kommenden Tendern.

Although the purchasing associations of hospitals now classify the consolidated shipment data delivery (German: WBDL) as a quality criterion for the pharmaceutical companies, many manufacturers do not yet offer a shipment data service for hospitals. There are currently no official figures. According to our own estimates,  about 13 pharmaceutical companies currently offer the delivery of […]

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WBDL – what does that actually mean?

WBDL was ist das eigentlich?

Hospital pharmacies are frequented quite differently from public pharmacies. In hospital pharmacies, large quantities of Rx drugs are delivered and distributed in the hospital every day – all the drugs that are needed in daily hospital life. In connection with the requirements of the European Counterfeiting Directive (EU-FMD), this means that a large number of […]

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HospitalExpress: Fast solution for difficult times

It is not possible to predict today when the Corona crisis will come to an end. Particularly in the hospital sector, the crisis means a high additional workload for all employees. To counteract the lack of time and personnel, we have developed an express version of our HospitalDirect service, which relieves hospitals of at least […]

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Agio relies on tracekey for Russian requirements

Another customer relies on our solution to meet Russian serialization requirements on time. The Indian company Agio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is now part of the tracekey network. We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with Agio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Agio is a global pharmaceutical manufacturer and is active in the Russian market, among others. With Agio, […]

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Why Are there Still so Many False Alarms in Germany?

One year after the launch of securPharm, several thousand false alarms still occur daily in Germany. What is the reason for this? The number of false alarms in Germany has already decreased significantly within one year. After the launch of securPharm, the false alarm rate was at 4.9 percent. In the meantime, it has dropped […]

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One Year of Europe-wide Counterfeit Protection

Exactly one year ago to the day the anti-counterfeiting systems went live in Europe. We look back on the eventful and successful year 2019. Since February 2019, more than one billion drug packages have been given a unique digital identity – in Germany alone. More than six million scans are performed in pharmacies every day. […]

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10 Steps to Start Your Serialization Journey

Do you need a new and suitable pharma serialization provider? Changes in your serialization journey or process require a lot of time and a good plan. Especially in the beginning, it could be hard. Therefore, always remember to start planning early and go step by step. You need help to comply with EU Falsified Medicines […]

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