Customer Survey: Alert Management in the EU

Alert Management Service

Every day, several thousand alerts are generated in the serialization process in Germany alone. Our customers are also concerned with the issue and how they can handle the alerts. However, it is still unclear to what extent the new EMVO Alert Management System will be helpful for them. What is certain, however, is that it could have been available much earlier. 

Alert management is very time-consuming for some pharmaceutical companies, especially since no system presents the data in a structured and collected way. Therefore, we have been in discussion with some of our customers for some time about appropriate solutions and services. Also, we have taken the announcement of the AMS system as an opportunity to get into a dialogue with all our customers and ascertain how the situation of pharmaceutical manufacturers currently looks and what wishes our customers have. 

Alert Management: Sooner rather than later

Not all pharmaceutical companies need an alert management system or a corresponding service that structures, processes, and, if necessary, analyses a large amount of alert information. Again, for some, it is particularly urgent because they cannot handle the numerous alerts per day in the long term. 

Our survey showed that almost 60% of our customers would like to have access to an alert management system as soon as possible. While almost 70% are in the lucky position of receiving very few alerts per week on average, 15% receive around 150-250 alerts per week and around 20% receive up to 50. 

Those who rarely receive alerts spend little time working through them. The rest quickly spend well over two hours a week investigating the alerts and evaluating the sources of error.

The wishes of our customers

Most of our customers do not want an Alert Management System, but a service that prepares all information in a structured way so that they only have to take action in important cases. From an Alert Management System, as EMVO is currently planning, they would like a clearer presentation of the alert data and the possibility to analyze errors automatically, to better recognize patterns and thus common error sources. 

EMVO’s AMS project comes rather late for our customers, some of them would have wished for a practicable solution for their alert management much earlier (24%). Also, many are unsure to what extent the AMS will help them in their daily handling of alerts (57%).

Basically, it can be said that industry is dependent on finding its solutions to quickly overcome obstacles and hurdles in the face of cumbersome official and institutional processes. We are happy to support our customers in this process.

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