More Efficiency – Serialization in the Pharma Industry

Efficiency for Serialization in the Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing. We see the development of new drugs, regular regulation updates, introductions of additional countries specific serialization requirements, and artificial intelligence is also becoming increasingly important. In such a fast-moving market, it is not easy to maintain a constant overview. In particular, small and medium-sized companies often cannot keep track of all the relevant information affecting the market.

Due to the daily exchange with our customers, we are familiar with their number of tasks and obligations. We took this as an opportunity to support them in addition to providing our serialization platform. For this, we have developed three projects to make their lives easier.

More Clarity Thanks to tracekey

Over the past two years, the number of regulations on the international markets has increased. Be it the additional requirements of the US-DSCSA, the introduction of serialization in Australia, or the new AMS portal of the EMVO. Pharmaceutical companies must take numerous factors into account to maintain compliance.

We have seen this multiple times in discussions with customers. Especially when they are interested in new target markets where the serialization regulations in the pharma industry are about to change. Often, customers are not aware of these deadlines and still want to be connected to the respective markets in time. The request is not a problem at first. However, in the past, it has meant that internal capacities had to be shifted at short notice to facilitate the implementation of customer requests in line with the regulations. All this while support requests still arrive, and day-to-day business continues.

Instead of reactively fulfilling our customers’ wishes, we approach them proactively. To this end, we have introduced a Regulatory Update Call. It helps them to better prepare for potential target markets and allows us to plan for the long term. In this format, we share our knowledge of future updates to global regulations with our customers and prepare them for the upcoming deadlines.

Using Expertise Effectively: Business Process Outsourcing

During our exchanges with customers, we were able to identify two challenges. On the one hand, some manufacturers were struggling with a lack of personnel for serialization in the pharma industry, and on the other hand, some only use mytracekey PHARMA irregularly. Subsequently, they lack routine in its use. Therefore, they repeatedly need additional time to train the processes and functions. We have one solution for both challenges: Business Process Outsourcing.

What has proven itself in our company for a long time can also be helpful for customers with specific requirements. For example, it is possible to use TKSM to take over vacation cover, maternity leave, or parental leave. As experts who deal with serialization in the pharma industry daily, we can save a lot of time for our customers. The scope of the processes outsourced is also flexible and adaptable to the customer’s wishes and requirements. Everything is possible, from a complete serialization management to individual sub-processes. With Business Process Outsourcing, we can simplify our customers’ lives and help them to focus on their work.

One Road Leads to Rome: Current Project Insights

Who hasn’t experienced this? One has a goal with dozens of different ways to get there. None of the paths is necessarily wrong, but some require more time and work, while there is one ideal path. Due to the ever-growing diversity of the market and the resulting increase in requirements, many paths in our software lead to the customer’s goal. But of course, we want to show our customers the ideal path and make working with mytracekey PHARMA even more user-friendly.

To achieve this, our developers, and the Customer Success Team, are constantly working with our customers, to standardize various workflows. The goal is to channel multiple scenarios into a single workflow and make our software solution as easy to use as possible. User-friendliness is the top priority in this current project. That’s why ensuring customer exchange was of utmost importance to us. It allows us to find the ideal path along their serialization journey.

We are continuously striving to make our customers’ work easier. Additionally, we want to meet the constantly growing demands of the market. The Regulatory Update Calls, Business Process Outsourcing, and introduction of a simplified workflow contribute to our ambition. Some of these projects were developed over many years with and through intensive customer exchange. By effectively addressing the wishes and requirements of our customers, we were able to successfully bring them to fruition. This is precisely this ambition that we want to maintain in the future.

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