WBDL: How Does Our Solution Differ?

Consolidated shipment data can be implemented in different ways. This is partly because there are no comprehensive standards that providers have to comply with. How does the cloud platform mytracekey HospitalDirect differ from other possible solutions for offering digital data delivery?

There are different approaches for the offer of consolidated shipment data (German: WBDL). In general, a distinction can be made between two categories:

  • Individual software that, for example, extends the manufacturer’s/logistician’s ERP system with a WBDL file export function.
  • Cloud platforms that allow data exchange between manufacturer and hospital.

With mytracekey HospitalDirect, we have developed a cloud platform that can flexibly receive and provide WBDL information in different formats. This is different from individual solutions that cannot accomplish this in this way. HospitalDirect also differs in one essential point from other cloud solutions. In our system, a clear differentiation between WBDL sender (manufacturer) and WBDL receiver (hospital) is possible.

Distinction Between Sender and Receiver

Our platform is a system for manufacturers to which the hospital systems can be connected, but that doesn´t mean it takes over their tasks. The main difference: We do not implement the deregistration of serial numbers in the NGDA (pharmacy system). The reason for this is simple. On the one hand, service differentiation questions do not arise if our platform is not even considered a pharmacy system. On the other hand, the WBDL functionality is already implemented in the standard hospital ERP systems. Therefore, it is sufficient to provide the data in the correct format. When using our WBDL service, the responsibilities between hospitals and manufacturers do not shift as they remain the same as before.

For Whom is HospitalDirect the Right Solution?

Are you a manufacturer and want to provide WBDL information to many hospitals? And are you of the opinion, like us, that the jury is still out regarding the technical implementation? Then you will find tracekey to be the right partner to work with low effort in the medium term. As the leading German provider of a serialization platform, we have a lot of experience with the integration of systems and partners from the production and supply chain. We do not know how digital data delivery will develop in the next three years. But we know that we provide practical and easy-to-maintain implementations, also in the context of validation (feel free to ask our customers!).

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