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How satisfied are our people at tracekey?

Employee Satisfaction 2023: We no longer want to just believe. We want to know. We want to know exactly. That’s why we asked our employees again how satisfied they are with tracekey. This year, they were asked to comment on more than 40 different topics, express their wishes and evaluate current changes. Of course, all of this anonymously and voluntarily. We are pleased that 90% of them participated.

Do our employees feel they are treated fairly? Do they get all the information they need? Is something weighing heavily on their stomachs right now? And speaking of the stomach: How do they rate the Nepalese lunch that our cook has been cooking for us for several months? We asked them this and much more in our 2023 employee satisfaction survey.

Lessons learned

  • Family, team(work), agile, trusting, flexible, and open – that’s how tracekey is described.
  • Working from home continues to be very popular. On average, our employees spend one to two days in the office and are satisfied. They do not want to spend more than 30% of their working time in the office. Exceptions prove the rule, as we all know.
  • Good internal communication is an issue. Our standard meetings have been working very well for a long time now. For example, our “Monthly Update” in which all teams report on (joint) progress. However, some other information does not always reach everyone quickly enough. We are working on that.
  • The work at tracekey feels to be relatively demanding, but also is very interesting and productive.

The food tastes good, and people also like to take the train

A lot has happened in the past few months. We asked for a one to five-star rating for some of the changes. On average, we reached 4.49 stars. Our employees like the subsidy for the 49-euro ticket best this is immediately followed by lunch. Three times a week, our cook provides us with Nepalese delicacies. And if we don’t have time for lunch, we also get something to eat. So it’s no wonder that everyone likes it.

We also asked why people should work for us. Here are two of the answers:

“Tracekey may be ten years old already, but we have a young spirit. We’re constantly and sustainably striving for innovation. This can be felt in every team, we’re more than the sum of our roles. We work well together because we all bring unique skills to our work and appreciate each other.”

“tracekey is a company that gives room for personal development. No matter what education or background – here you can do what you’re good at and what you enjoy.”

On the 28th of August 2023, tracekey has already existed for ten years. We are happy to have so many great people working for us. People who are not afraid to give their honest feedback and who have at least one thing in common: the love of food and cake.

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