Free Excel template for EUDAMED

Excel-Vorlage für die EUDAMED

The requirements of the EUDAMED and its six modules can quickly become confusing for its users, as can the maintenance of data. However, with the implementation date approaching, it is important to know how they will be implemented and which tools will help. Our free Excel template for EUDAMED will help to simplify your work […]

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UDI Resolution in Brazil: What needs to be considered?

At the beginning of 2021, Brazil started to finally implement its UDI regulations. This is being done in stages with the involvement of various stakeholders. As with pharmaceuticals, Anvisa is the responsible authority. It is responsible for enacting the appropriate legislation, it reviews approvals for medical devices, and it monitors manufacturers’ quality management systems to […]

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UDI Regulations in Saudi Arabia

UDI Regulation in Saudi Arabia

The UDI regulations in Saudi Arabia are intended to play a role in health insurance and cost monitoring additionally to increase patient safety. However, the focus is on traceability, market surveillance, and various safety aspects. Authority: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Food and Drug Administration (SFDA). Timeframe: The SFDA UDI regulation came into force by 01.08.2021. […]

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The Six EUDAMED Modules (MDR)

Overview of the 6 EUDAMED modules (MDR)

An important component of the MDR and IVDR is the EUDAMED. As a central database, it is intended to create more transparency, bundle information, and serve as an exchange and reporting platform for the individual actors. To this end, it consists of six modules that cover various topics ranging from the registration of medical devices […]

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